Board of Trustees

President’s Message

As the 38th President of the Board of Trustees for TLC, I am excited to continue the legacy of strong leadership to position TLC as a community leader in improving the lives and expanding possibilities of individuals with special needs in Maryland, DC, and Virginia. I have been a Board Member since 2009, and have witnessed firsthand the passion, commitment, and hard work set forth by our various leaders and community members to serve individuals with special needs and help them meet their greatest life potential. It is quite astounding to stop and think about how far we have come; we started in a local church basement, and now we serve nearly 2,000 individuals with special needs and have three dedicated locations!

The previous President, Bill McDonald, who has been an active Board member since 2002 and served as President from 2013 to 2018, has done a tremendous job in solidifying TLC’s position as an expert, reliable source of support and help for the community, to allow us to share our expertise and provide bright futures for as many individuals as possible. I look forward to continue to position TLC to flexibly navigate through the ever-changing needs of our community so we can successfully help as many families as possible.

Since 1950, TLC has strived for, achieved, and continues to position itself as a highly visible, leading-edge organization with strong collaborative and advocacy relationships, and plentiful resources that support quality programs, staff, and facilities for individuals with special needs. This success is accomplished through an active and committed community of current and past Board members, volunteers, donors, faculty, staff, and more. TLC is a truly a village of individuals from different backgrounds working collaboratively to make a difference in the lives of others. It is an impassioned community of caring.

I would like to thank this special community for your commitment and support. TLC is in the business of providing the best therapy, education, employment services, support and care possible to provide a foundation for the achievement of greater personal independence and success for its’ clients. TLC could not help others without your help.


Melissa Pappas
ATHENA Consulting, LLC

TLC Board of Trustees


Melissa Pappas
ATHENA Consulting, LLC

Hollis White
Vice President

William McDonald
Retired, GEICO

Froma Roth
American Speech-Language-Hearing Associations (ASHA)

Michael Cogan
General Counsel
Michael R. Cogan, P.C.

William McDonald
Past President
Retired, GEICO

Patricia A. Ritter, Ph.D.
Executive Director


Betty Anne Aschenbach
Kia of Silver Spring

Harinder Bawa
Think Tank, Inc.

John Bogasky
Strategic Growth Partners LLC

Robert Essink
Community Volunteer

Peter Greif
Community Volunteer

Patrick Leitch
Sales Zone Manager

Rosanne McDermott
Community Volunteer

Joseph Parlanti
Combined Technology Solutions

Geoffrey S. Platnick
Shulman Rogers

Barbara Sable
Assistant Vice President, RLI


Thomas Nordlinger
Community Volunteer

Barry Scher
Policy Solutions, LLC

J. Richard Ward
Rockville Fuel and Feed