Board of Trustees

President’s Message

As the current President of the Board of Trustees, I am continuing the legacy of leadership set by TLC’s first Board President Robert Shaw in 1950 and the 35 individuals who have since followed him. We have helped TLC navigate significant transitions through those years to effectively respond to the growing and changing needs of our community.

In 1950 TLC began providing therapeutic services to children and adults suffering from the impact of polio. Those services were provided in the basement of a local church until we moved into our first private facility on Twinbrook Parkway a few years later.

Today, TLC serves 2,000 individuals with special needs, made possible by the generosity of so many people who recognized the needs of our community and TLC’s ability to effectively meet those needs. I look forward to continuing to support the families in our community whose loved ones with special needs benefit from TLC’s caring services.

Whether you are a current or past Board member, volunteer, donor or a recipient of our services, I want to say “thank you” for your commitment and support. It is only through your continued support and involvement that TLC can continue its legacy of caring for our community.


Bill McDonald

TLC Board of Trustees

Bill McDonald

Michael Cogan
Vice President
Rubenstein and Cogan

James LaGrone
Wintergreen Financial Services, Inc.

Froma Roth
American Speech-Language-Hearing Associations (ASHA)

Raymond Baldwin
General Counsel
Seyfarth Shaw LLP

Bruce Hunter
Past President
Community Volunteer

Patricia A. Ritter, Ph.D.
Executive Director


Betty Anne Aschenbach
Kia of Silver Spring

Harinder Bawa
Think Tank, Inc.

John Bogasky
Strategic Growth Partners LLC

Peter Greif
Community Volunteer

Rosanne McDermott
Community Volunteer

Melissa Pappas
ATHENA Consulting, LLC

Joseph Parlanti
Combined Technology Solutions

Geoffrey S. Platnick
Shulman Rogers

Ryan Wibberley
CIC Wealth Management Group


Thomas Nordlinger
Community Volunteer

Barry Scher
Policy Solutions, LLC

J. Richard Ward
Rockville Fuel and Feed