Mental Health


American Psychological Association,

Anxiety Disorders Association of America (ADAA),

National Alliance on Mental Illness,

National Association of Mental Illness of Montgomery County (NAMI),

National Institute for Child Health and Human Development,


Articles and Factsheets:

Early Signs of Autism, TLC—­The Treatment and Learning Centers

Not Just Child’s Play: Art Therapy’s Amazing Impact, Laurie Mowry-Hesler, MA, ATR-BC, MFT

Organization Coaching May Help Your Teen Lisa Lenhart, Ph.D., and Dorothy Lange, M.S.

Positive Parenting For Healthy Child Development, Lisa Lenhart, Ph.D., and L. Alex Mirabelli, Psy.D.

Don’t Wait and See: The Importance of Early Intervention, Kristen Olsen, Ph.D.

Sensory Play: Hands on Toddler Fun, Jeanette Der Bedrosian

When  To Stand Up for Your Child, Dr. Lisa Lenhart