Pat RitterFamilies help each other rise above everyday challenges and reach success. Let our family help yours.

In the state of Maryland, one out of every 10 people has a disability. Families throughout our community are challenged with finding the right support for their loved ones of all ages. The Treatment and Learning Centers is here to help. For more than 60 years, TLC has offered a wide range of quality programs and services for the community, and for your family.

Our staff deliver the latest methods, most effective therapies and the most personalized care for you or your child. Our approach looks at the whole person, not just his or her disability, and offers the most effective treatment, therapy or program for each individual.

We believe each person has the potential to thrive, regardless of his or her disabilities, and we treat individual strengths. Our services are individualized to help make sure your family member has the opportunity to be successful and lead a fulfilling life.

Our experienced staff is professional, qualified, creative and passionate about working with you and your family. We care about your family’s needs. When families think of TLC, they remember the person who took the time to listen, provide support and care.

We serve over 2200 individuals each year who put their trust in us to assist them on their journey to achieving their life goals.  They believe in our ability to understand their problem and help meet their challenges.  They offer us an opportunity to make our mission come alive, and their success is our fulfillment. Throughout this website you will find many TLC success stories. Let us help you succeed.

As a leading-edge client-based community organization, we continue to advocate for individuals with special needs to bring the promise of hope and a brighter future. Please contact us for more information to see how we can help you.

Thank you for visiting TLC- a family of services where caring comes first!


Patricia Ritter, PhD
Executive Director