John’s Story

Since John was an infant, we have known that he would have developmental issues. Our life has been one of discovering and understanding John’s developmental issues, and helping him as much as we could.

John started in Montgomery County’s PEP program where we had a good experience. Then, in second grade John moved to a new school, a new teacher, new classmates, and new therapists but with 50% more students and John could not keep up.  Over the course of that year, our happy, school-loving child became withdrawn. We tried to work with the school staff to get John the attention he needed but it didn’t work.

John started the third grade at the Katherine Thomas School.  The positive change was dramatic and immediate. My wife could see the change and asked him how he liked his new school.  Our once sullen and uncommunicative son said “too many nice teachers to count!”

John is now a student at KTS High School and still has significant learning disabilities.  But now John looks forward to school, is a happy child and continues to make progress every year.  Placing John at KTS is one of the best decisions we ever made!