Maria’s Story

As a parent of a special needs child associated with Prader-Willi syndrome, it’s hard to put into words our gratitude to you and your staff. Before coming to KTS, Maria was in another school where the children abused her physically and emotionally. Your hard-working staff not only endured these types of difficulties, they accept each challenge with fervor and vigor and their tenacity is complimented by each child’s successful achievement. For example, when your “Maria Team” observed and worked with my daughter’s problems seeing the white boards, they detected a visual acuity problem never before identified by her teachers at Maria’s other schools.

Maria has now successfully transformed into a class leader accomplishing 3rd and 4th grade work levels within one year! Her inhibitions, self-esteem and confidence are being restored.

In closing, these words are too inadequate a measure to express our gratitude for what you and your staff have achieved. The generosity of KTS staff and supporters goes beyond helping build education levels of children with special needs; their benevolence saves the lives of children like Maria, emotionally, psychologically, spiritually and inspirationally.