Mystery and Learning at KTHS

Teachers at The Katherine Thomas High School Program put together an amazing intra-disciplinary activity for students. Special education teachers helped mastermind the many details required for the KTHS crime scene investigation, including keeping it a secret from students.  Arthur Conan Doyle couldn’t have done a better job of creating our very own Sherlock Holmes style experience, writing a mysterious story, interweaving teachers, students and staff. A teacher even served as the victim, when her tablet inexplicably went missing.  When student’s returned from winter break, they learned of the theft at their school.

Government classes pulled together clues.  Publications class handled interviews and made a flyer about the crime. The Science class, “Integrated Forensic Laboratories,” actually analyzed blood and hair for blood typing and DNA to create probable cause for the arrest.

This incredible experience was a lot of fun and a terrific opportunity for creative learning.