TLC’s Brittany White’s Article in Washington Parent!

Excerpt from Feb. 2016 Washington Parent magazine…

Winter Activities that will Keep Your Kids from Bouncing Off the Walls
By Brittany White M.S., OTR/L

During the winter months, cold weather and school closings can lead to frequent stay-at-home days. While children are drawn to TV and electronics, there are many benefits to promoting physical activities and sensory motor play. Here are a few OT approved, fun indoor activities to foster fine and gross motor skills for a variety of ages.

Create an Indoor Obstacle Course
Create a circuit using household furniture and other items. Use pillows to roll or tumble across. Try to jump between washcloths or traverse the living room furniture without touching the floor. This activity encourages physical activity, including increasing core and extremity strength, as well as motor planning skills. Plus, it can be easily varied to suit your child’s age and abilities.

Build an Indoor Fort
Grab a few bed sheets, blankets and pillows. Use some rubber bands and clothespins to secure sheets to dining room chairs or furniture. Encourage your child to build her own fort. This activity takes time to build, which requires sequencing, visual spatial skills and motor planning skills. Afterwards, your child may spend hours hiding out, reading, playing games or relaxing within her new fortress. Additionally, forts can create a calming effect on one’s nervous system.

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