1. What types of services does TLC’s Outcomes Service provide?

  • Career Assessment Services
  • Employee Development Service
  • Community Employment Service
  • Supported Employment Service (SE)
  • Community Learning Service (CLS)
  • Transition Service
  • Individual Support Service (ISS)
  • Personal Supports (PS)
  • Speech/Language Service
  • Transition Advocacy
  • Travel Training

2. Who pays for the services?

  • DDA
  • DORS
  • Private Pay

3. What is the service area?

Montgomery County, Prince George’s County, Frederick County and Howard County, Maryland; Northern Virginia and District of Columbia

4. What types of individuals does The Outcomes Service serve?

The Outcomes Service provides support to individuals with developmental disabilities who have a desire to be active in their community.

5. How long do services last?

Depending on what funding source an individual has, services can last for just a few months, or a lifetime.

6. What types of jobs do the individuals you serve have?

The individuals we serve have a variety of jobs in a wide range of employment settings that are tailored to their needs. Scan technicians, administrative assistants, nurses, teacher’s aides, maintenance technicians, budget analysts and ushers are just a few examples.

7. In what business areas are the individuals you serve placed?

There are many business areas that employ the individuals we serve; super markets, department stores, corporate offices, non-profit organizations, federal agencies, etc.

8. How long will finding a job take?

Timelines vary from person to person. Pre-vocational skills are very important; resume building, writing cover letters, and finding appropriate places to apply are crucial to job placement. It is also important to remember that the job search is tailored to each individual’s needs.

9. What does a job coach do?

Job coaching is an individualized service. Each person in our program has their own unique needs and learning style. A job coach will tailor their working style to accommodate the needs of the individual. On the job, this could mean creating checklists, using pictures to learn a sequence, learning how to clock in and out each day, travel training to and from work, etc.  There are many things that a job coach can do to help individuals be successful at work.

10. How do I get started in learning more about TLC’s Outcomes Service?

General Information: 301.294.9205