Would My Child Benefit from a Therapeutic Summer Camp?

Brigid Baker, TLC’s Director of Occupational Therapy, discusses the benefits of therapeutic summer camps in this blog post from From Activity Rocket. Posted Thursday June 19, 2014 in Advice from Our Experts.

Googling “summer camps Rockville” just brought up 292,000 results. There are recreational camps, and academic camps, sports camps and specialized activity camps like archery, horseback riding and leadership. But what kind of camp is right for your child? Which camps can help children who may be struggling, to develop skills and still have fun? Shouldn’t every kid come home from summer camp happy, dirty, sweaty and full of stories about their day?

When children are struggling in a particular area, therapeutic camps are an option. Occupational therapy and speech-language therapy are excellent interventions that can help children develop the skills they need to better interact with the world around them. Throughout the school year and in the summer, many children attend weekly sessions with an occupational or speech-language therapist. LINK to the rest of the post here.