TLC Programs

Our family of services is designed with your family in mind.

All of our services begin with a careful evaluation of your family member’s unique needs and challenges. Our solutions are goal-driven and provide an environment that maximizes the potential for success.

Our experts, our programs and our services deliver the latest methods, most effective therapies and the most personalized care for you or your child. Our approach looks at the whole client, not just his or her disability, and offers the most effective treatment, therapy or program for each individual.

We believe each person has the potential to thrive, regardless of his or her disabilities, and we treat their individual strengths. Our services are individualized to make sure your family member has the opportunity to be successful and lead a fulfilling life.

Our experienced staff is professional, qualified, creative and passionate about working with you and your family.

Our programs and services include:

The Katherine Thomas School

Private school for students in preschool through twelfth grade with language and learning disabilities, autism, intellectual disabilities, and/or other health impairments.

Speech Therapy

Speech-language evaluations; individual and group therapy programs.

Occupational Therapy

Evaluations and therapy for children in individual and group sessions.

Therapeutic Interaction Groups

Early intervention program for young children with speech communication, autism, interaction or sensory processing concerns.

The Family Hearing Center

Comprehensive audiology services including hearing testing and hearing aid fittings for all ages, infants through senior citizens.

Psychoeducational Evaluations

Comprehensive educational and psychological testing services and counseling for students of all ages.

Tutoring and Coaching

Academic tutoring for students of all ages in reading, writing, math, and study skills; coaching for organizational skills and time management.

Summer Programs

Speech-language and occupational therapy programs through Camp Littlefoot for young children; learning enrichment and high school programs through TLC’s Katherine Thomas School.

The Outcomes Service

Employment support services for adults with disabilities and youth transitioning from high school to work.