About Us

Students of all ages and abilities can benefit from our one-on-one tutoring in a variety of academic areas.  Our methods work for many types of students, from elementary school aged children to adolescents and adults. We specialize in working with students of all ages who have learning differences or who have been diagnosed with a specific learning disability. TLC’s individualized one-on-one tutoring can be adapted to provide help and strategies for a wide range of academic needs. We provide remedial instruction, enrichment, or support school work to provide extra instruction in areas of need, including reading, spelling writing, math or study skills.

Tutoring is offered in a variety of settings, including school, home or community locations. Individuals work with a tutor consistently, who is carefully selected to meet their needs, who provides written goals to address those needs and who monitors progress.  Additionally, organizational coaching offers support, encouragement and structure for children, teens and adults who have difficulty with organization, time management and planning.

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