The Benefits of Tutoring

Students of all ages and abilities can benefit from our one-on-one tutoring in a variety of academic areas.  We provide remedial instruction, enrichment, or support school work to provide extra instruction in areas of need. TLC’s individualized one-on-one tutoring can be adapted to provide help and strategies for a wide range of academic needs. We also specialize in working with students on the autism spectrum.

A beginning reader who is having difficulty understanding decoding or advancing into reading fluency can benefit from our step-by-step, structured phonics instruction and strategies to read with more fluency.  Older students who still have trouble with phonics and spelling have advanced through the 12 steps of the Wilson Reading Program to learn word analysis.  Our direct phonics instruction includes fluency, spelling, and comprehension practice.

Students at any level who are decoding well but having trouble with comprehension can practice metacognitive learning through strategies such as making connections, visualizing, questioning, inferring, and summarizing.  They learn through reading with a tutor, previewing, discussing as they read, using active reading strategies, and writing answers to questions.  Tutors provide guided lessons and show students how to apply their new skills to school work.

In our one-on-one instruction, many students have learned to work through and effectively use the steps in the writing process — brainstorming, writing, revising, editing, and proofreading.  At the elementary level, they learn sentence writing and the correct way to answer a question in a complete sentence.  They learn to include enough information — and the right details — in a Brief Constructed Response (BCR) and how to write a paragraph.  Middle school, high school, and college students can get help to work through the entire process with a multi-paragraph essay. Working one-on-one with a tutor provides the feedback so necessary to the writing process.

We work with math at all levels, explaining a process in a slightly different way, finding strategies that help a particular student, and providing extra instruction and practice in a troublesome area. Spanish tutoring is now available at all levels.

Organization or study skills can be a problem for some students.  Through our Coaching Program or through tutoring we have provided help for many students.  We teach strategies based on a particular student’s needs and abilities.  We can work on organizing homework and notebooks, taking notes, studying for a test, or planning and completing a research paper.  Students learn a strategy, then practice it with their school work, then evaluate its effectiveness with their tutor.  Simply having a coach or tutor to talk with or report to each week can help a student become aware of the need to be organized.

We also work with home-schooled students, providing targeted instruction according to parents’ requests and students’ needs.

We have helped students to prepare for placement exams.  We do not use a set program, but instead provide personalized strategies and practice based on that student’s needs and abilities. We also have tutors who specilize in preparing students for the G.E.D and college placement tests including the new S.A.T. and A.C.T.

Adults can also benefit from our tutoring.  We have helped adults with beginning literacy skills learn to read and write.  We have helped adults with developmental disabilities and those learning English as a second language advance their reading and writing skills. We have worked with adults who want to improve their reading or writing skills in order to advance in the workplace.