Adolescents and Adults

High School and College

For high school and college students, tutoring often focuses on a particular subject.  We use the student’s school work to help diagnose the difficulty, teach strategies to facilitate successful completion of assignments, and then help the student to practice and apply the strategies to his or her school work. These strategies could include using a graphic organizer to plan an essay, taking notes or outlining a reading assignment, or applying a memory strategy to a math process.  Tutoring in organizational skills, methods to complete homework more efficiently, and methods to prepare for different kinds of tests can also be helpful for high school and college students.


We work with adults with disabilities on basic reading, writing and math skills.  Adults with dyslexia or difficulties with English-as-a-Second-Language have made good progress in reading decoding and fluency using the Wilson Reading System.

We have also worked on business writing skills with young adults who have dyslexia or ADHD.  Our tutors have worked with adults who are successful in their jobs but need help with writing organization or editing to advance in their careers.

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