Jessica’s Story

Jessica received her hearing aids from Help Others Hear in 2009 while still in high school and wrote us this letter not long after she received them:

“Thanks to the “Help Others Hear” program I got new hearing aids and I love them! Before I got new aids I was embarrassed to be seen wearing these huge bulky and very noticeable hearing aids. They were very sensitive to loud noise, which made my hears hurt, a lot! So that made me want to never wear them. But when my mom found this program, I was finally able to get better hearing aids. The best part about them is that they don’t hurt when there’s loud noise, and they’re so small and barely noticeable! I wear them all the time and I’m hearing new sounds like conversations behind me, birds chirping, and people across the street talking! It’s amazing! I want to thank TLC and its kind donors who gave the money for my new hearing aids! It made a big difference in my life and I LOVE hearing!”

In September 2013, Jessica spoke to Help Others Hear donors to thank them for her hearing aids and to share how they have changed her life. Enjoy this video of her remarks:

Jessica Shares Her Help Others Hear Story