Early Intervention Services at TLC

TLC’s qualified, experienced, and caring therapists and clinicians understand your child’s unique needs.

We develop individual treatment plans that are designed to meet the needs of each child to maximize development and independence with daily living skills.

TLC’s many services can help you and your family:

  1. Therapeutic Interaction Groups-TLC’s Interaction Group is for young children ages 2 ½ – 5 and is based on the Developmental, Individual Difference, Relationship-Based (DIR) model.
  2. PreSchool at The Katherine Thomas School is for children ages 4- 5 years of age based on a developmental model in a comprehensive half-day afternoon program. Our team of professionals, including an occupational therapist, speech-language therapist, physical therapist, and counselor works with the child and family to create an individualized program.
  3. Evaluation and Testing Services-We offer comprehensive and multidisciplinary Developmental Evaluations, Speech-Language Evaluations, Occupational Therapy Evaluations, Early Hearing Evaluations, as well as Counseling.

Our team of professionals will identify and customize solutions through individual therapies, utilize groups, when applicable, to meet the unique needs of the child, and provide the highest quality evaluations.

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