Can I authorize automatic payment via my credit card for Related Services?

Yes. Many parents are authorizing payment this way because it is convenient and saves time. A specific form is available from the TLC Admissions or Finance Office to authorize payment via credit card.
Are Related Services reimbursable through my insurance provider?

Coverage for related services depends upon the insurance provider and plan. It is not likely that insurance will reimburse services, particularly in an educational setting. The school is not responsible for ensuring insurance reimbursement. We cannot change our delivery model based on insurance requirements or reimbursements. The only applicable insurance that TLC-KTS can accept is CIGNA for speech and occupational therapy. However, there are a limited number of CIGNA-credentialed speech-language pathologists and occupational therapists at TLC-KTS. If you have CIGNA, you must contact the TLC Director of Administrative Services at (301) 424 -5200, extension 147, before your child starts school, to discuss the preauthorization requirements. Speech and occupational therapies are not automatically covered by CIGNA.

Parents are responsible for submitting billing information to their insurance company with the understanding that all (if any) reimbursement is not guaranteed. It is the responsibility of the families to inform us if there is any information needed for your particular insurance plan (i.e., therapy notes). We will provide any needed documentation to submit to your insurance company. However, we cannot make changes after therapy was provided to accommodate insurance requests.