Corey’s Story

Corey attended kindergarten at a private institution but because of my health and lack of funds I had to transfer him to a public school near our home.  Since the first grade I noticed that Corey was having difficulties with his learning. At the end of June, Corey’s grades were very, very low.

I was very worried and concerned. Corey was constantly teased by the kids at his old school, was made to feel useless, and his self-esteem was low.  I tried to develop self-confidence and values in Corey, but my efforts were shattered when he attended his old school.

Early last year, I was informed by one of my colleagues about KTS.  In May we received an acceptance letter from the school, but I could not afford the cost of tuition.  I applied to the school for financial assistance and in late July we received the letter offering us a scholarship.  I was truly delighted and Corey was overwhelmed.

I know KTS will give Corey the opportunity to reach and achieve his goals and ultimately help him regain his self-confidence.  KTS has truly made a difference in my child’s life!