Jay’s Story

It was 13½ years ago that I first set foot in this building then TLC. I had an adorable, little sweet 3½-year old boy with me, who now you know as Jay. He was here for OT testing and afterward the OT staff informed me that a new school was being built called the Katherine Thomas School and they think it would be perfect for him… the rest is history!

Jay is now 17 and when he was diagnosed with Fragile X at 4 years old, no one ever thought he would do the things he’s doing today. KTS has evolved into a lasting educational force supported by a community of people who say – “yes we can” and give confidence and hope to students and families who may have heard otherwise.

My holiday wishes for all of you this year can’t be wrapped in pretty packages, this year I am left to give you my heartfelt “thank you” for working with students like Jay and helping them realize their potential and for helping me realize mine. Most of all, thank you for all you have done for my son, to those who work with him now and in the past, and those who have just refrained from thinking he is crazy.