Moshe’s Story

Our son Moshe is attending KTS kindergarten.  Now that half the school year has passed, we couldn’t be happier.  Moshe runs to the car to go to school and is greeted at the carpool with hugs and smiles.  Moshe’s teacher, Ms. Debbie, and the entire KTS team are doing an incredible job helping our son achieve growth in all areas.

It used to take two hours of holding Moshe every night to help him fall asleep.  Now, Moshe can put himself to sleep.  He is also much more socially aware of others his age.  We now only spend 15 minutes a day helping Moshe with the bathroom. A couple of months ago it was a few hours.

Moshe is also achieving beautifully in the academic area and keeping up with everything he is taught, resulting from the phenomenal support of his teacher and the team at KTS.

From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you for giving our son the chance to reach his goals that forever will impact his quality of life.