Related Services

Related services professionals at KTS are licensed and have specialized training in working with children who may have learning and language challenges. Our professionals include speech-language pathologists, occupational therapists, physical therapists and social workers. They provide individualized services to bring our students into an optimal state for learning, which may include fine and gross motor skill development, social pragmatics, executive functioning skill development and addressing behavioral issues. The goal is for our students to have the ability to access grade level curriculum with appropriate modifications and accomodations.

The KTS model allows for flexible and creative delivery of services addressing the student’s IEP and/or diagnostic prescriptive goals. Students receive related services therapies in a variety of ways and settings including individual, group, and consultation. Services can be provided within the classroom, in “pull-out” sessions, or in any setting that is related to the child’s goals including a combination of these effective delivery models.

In addition to targeting specific skills, the related services providers within the school setting enable students to access the curriculum by providing in-class support and guiding students in generalizing emerging skills during their school day. The daily team collaboration promotes consistency and maximizes student success.

Related Services at KTS are in addition to tuition fees for private pay students. Students who do not require any related services are likely to need a less restrictive school setting than KTS. For more information on related services fees, please see Tuition and Fees.