Tuition and Fees

Tuition at the Katherine Thomas School reflects the cost of providing highly individualized and integrated instruction for students with language and learning disabilities, autism, intellectual disabilities, and/or other health impairments. We offer a small class size with a certified special education teacher and teacher’s assistant. Related services professionals are both licensed and certified; they have specialized training in working with children who may have learning and language challenges.  A high ratio of integrated in-class time by a speech and language pathologist and occupational therapist is provided as part of The Katherine Thomas School educational model. All professionals work as a team in the classroom and in consultation to provide an intensive and integrated program.

A non-refundable deposit of $1,500 is due upon completion of the admissions process and based on acceptance. The deposit will secure your child’s placement and is applied to the tuition. Parents are responsible for the tuition, but may appeal to a public school system for funding to a private special education school. Under federal and state law, students with special needs are entitled to a free and appropriate education. If a public school system does not provide such an appropriate program, parents have the right to request the public school system to fund tuition at an appropriate private school.

Textbooks, instructional materials and supplies, and the cost of field trips are in addition to tuition and covered in the activity fee for each program.

KTS is an approved school for Sallie Mae loans.

KTS Preschool
Tuition: $25,600.30     Activity Fee: $875

KTS Lower/Middle School
Tuition: $36,068.56     Activity Fee: $2,550

KTS High School
Tuition: $39,726.28     Activity Fee: $2,550

KTS STRIDE Program (11 month program)
Tuition: $71,002.02    Activity Fee: $2,550

Tuition: $49,261.42    Activity Fee: $2,550

KTS EXCEL Program (11 month program)

Tuition: $57,597.87    Activity Fee: $2,550


Services fees are in addition to tuition for private pay students and based on an hourly rate as noted below. Funded students will start with the related services indicated on their IEP.  As a part of the admissions process, the related services professionals will recommend service amounts after a review of reports, evaluations, and the student’s visit. The related services determined by the team are critical to the student’s academic progress. They are a condition of the student’s acceptance and part of the signed contract. Upon enrollment, there is a 45-60 day evaluation period to determine if related services amounts are appropriate to meet the needs of each student. Students who do not require any related services are likely to need a less restrictive school setting than KTS.

Counseling Services –  $105.71
Occupational Therapy – $115.21
Physical Therapy – $118.13
Speech Therapy – Included in tuition.
One-to-one Classroom Aide – $25.92
Homework Club – $9.50

Scholarship Program/Financial Aid

To help KTS families make their dreams come true for their children, The Katherine Thomas School is one of the few private special education schools that awards scholarships each year. Nineteen students received $233,997 in scholarship during the 2015-2016 academic year made possible by the generosity of our donors and TLC’s commitment to supporting families who cannot afford the full cost of tuition. Please contact the Admissions Director at 301.738.9691, ext. 177 for further information and financial aid applications.

For more information about tuition and fees, see our FAQs.