Noah’s Story

When Stephanie noticed that her two-year old son Noah had a hard time with certain things; she wasn’t sure what it all meant. Simple tasks such as brushing Noah’s teeth would be a major physical struggle, leaving him in tears. New people, new settings, and noisy or crowded places were overwhelming, causing him to withdraw into himself.

After coming to TLC for an evaluation in outpatient occupational therapy services, Noah began weekly occupational therapy sessions, and the result was that Noah felt enabled and empowered to reach out more. Noah is happier now because he feels so much better in his world. And Stephanie is now aware of what her child needs to stay that way.

Today, Noah now has no problem reaching out to people and crowds no longer bother him. Stephanie notes that going to a party used to be so overwhelming for Noah that he would cry in her arms. Today, he is the life of the party, bringing cookies, interacting with the dog, and dancing. Now that’s a happy ending!