Zoe’s Story

Enrolling our daughter, who has been diagnosed with Pervasive Developmental Disorder (PDD-NOS) at TLC, has perhaps been the best intervention method for her. Before she began attending TLC, she had very limited expressive language and social skills and was completely out of touch with the world outside her. At TLC, she receives therapies which have helped her communication and social skills. She is now more able and willing to communicate almost all of her needs and desires.

As she has continued to grow and develop new challenges, TLC staff has been there to provide us with creative approaches to deal with these challenges. Zoe receives a psychological consultation on a weekly basis with the staff clinical psychologist. In addition to all of this staff support, educational books, articles, software, many other related materials are provided. We are so grateful to TLC staff for all that they have done for our daughter and are looking forward to seeing the progress she will make here in coming years.