Evaluation is an integral part of the therapeutic process, as it provides the key to identifying each child’s unique needs and skills related to participation in “typical” childhood experiences, such as school, peer and family relationships, sports and play. We offer a range of evaluations for fine motor/handwriting skills, gross motor skill development and sensory processing. Evaluation results and recommendations are documented in comprehensive reports.

Evaluation and therapy address the following skill areas:

  • Fine Motor Skills: hand dominance, dexterity, pencil grasp, self-care tasks such as feeding, dressing, and tying shoes.
  • Visual-Motor Skills/Handwriting: cutting, coloring, tracing and copying, handwriting and keyboarding.
  • Gross Motor Skills: muscle strength, postural control, balance, coordination, jumping and climbing.
  • Motor Planning/Praxis: conceiving, planning, sequencing and executing actions for new/unfamiliar motor tasks.
  • Sensory Processing or Sensory Integration: the nervous system receiving and responding to messages from the senses.
  • Play Skills

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