Disability Awareness Luncheon at Alliance, Inc.

Two TLC staff joined Alliance, Inc., for a wonderful event promoting disability awareness.  TLC’s Outcomes Service works with Alliance to place individuals with disabilities in jobs and support their successful employment.  Dean Porter, Project Manager for FDA/White Oak Alliance Inc., Business Services Division, serves on TLC’s Business Advisory Board Dean is shown at left with Ace Barbari, TLC’s Community Development Specialist and Bonnie Lawhorn, TLC’s Director of Marketing and Communications. Alliance’s mission is to foster hope and opportunities for people with disabilities and mental health need to realize their dreams.  TLC’s Outcomes Services works with Alliance to help support their mission and ours.  Alliance was the recipient of TLC’s Employer of the Year Award for 2016 for their outstanding commitment to employment for individuals with disabilities.  The Disability Awareness Luncheon was a fantastic event.  A staff member who has received supported employment from Outcomes was awarded Employee of the Year for his department. Congratulations Brian!  Link to learn more about employing individuals with disabilities.