Meet Norma

Ace & Norma

Recipient of Hearing Aids Through TLC’s Help Others Hear Program

One of our staff was lucky enough to run into Norma this week! Norma works as a supervisor for Alliance, Inc., at the Silver Spring Food and Drug Administration location. TLC’s Outcomes Service finds jobs for individuals with disabilities and works with companies like Alliance, providing job coaching and consultation to create a more successful work environment. When Ace from Outcomes first met Norma, he learned she was wearing very old hearing aids and not able to afford a new set. He told Norma about The Family Hearing Center’s Help Others Hear program.  The Family Hearing Center is another service at TLC that offers hearing healthcare and Help Others Hear provides free hearing aids to children and adults who could not otherwise afford them.  Norma qualified and received new hearing aids as well as an introduction to a program for a free assistive phone device to enable her to speak to her loved ones far away.  Seeing Norma again was such a pleasure!