Developmental Disabilities Administration (DDA) Programs

Supported Employment (SE)
This is a long-term program funded by DDA. Each person is assigned an Employment Specialist who helps to identify a vocational goal and develop an individualized plan. A resume’ is written, interviewing skills practiced and job search activities conducted. Individuals are accompanied to interviews and travel training is provided. The Employment Specialist works with the employer to identify the person’s training needs and job-specific supports. Initially, intensive job coaching is offered to ensure that job skills and workplace behaviors are established. Long term ongoing supports are provided to allow the individual to reach their highest level of vocational independence.

Community Learning Services (CLS)
Community Learning Services are activities, special assistance, support, and education to help individuals whose age, disability, or circumstances currently limit their ability to be employed and/or participate in activities in their communities. Examples of CLS include: Self-determination and/or self-advocacy training; Workshops and classes; Peer mentoring; Volunteer experience; Activities that promote: health, safety, nutrition, well-being, fitness, communication, socialization, and employment skills. Certified pre-employment benefits counseling designed to alleviate fears and concerns would be available by referral.

Personal Supports (PS)
Personal Supports is a DDA funded program that assists individuals with disabilities in all aspects of their life except vocational services.  Individuals who need assistance in residing in their own homes, rental units, or with family may need individual supports to live as independently as possible.  The services provided are based on a certain number of hours per week that are established based on individual needs.

The services rendered are based upon person-centered planning; individuals choose the goals and services they would like to receive.  Currently, we assist individuals with money management, home management, nutrition, meal preparation, obtaining resources in the community, taking consumers to medical appointments, parenting skills, getting involved in leisure activities, as well as all aspects of living on their own.  All of our current PS consumers live in their own apartments, and with our support, are able to live independently in the community.

Individual Support Services (ISS)
Highly individualized supports are offered to assist adults in maximizing their independent living skills in this long-term, DDA funded program. Supports are given in activities of daily living, such as drop-in supervision, money management, transportation, recreation, medical, home management, case management and employment. We also help to establish relationships with community resources to allow those we serve to participate more fully in their community.

Employment Discovery and Customization (ED&C)
This program will provide assessment, discovery, customization, and training activities for a limited period of time.  ED&C will assist an individual in gaining competitive paid employment at an integrated job site where the person served is receiving comparable wages and where most of the employees do not have a disability.

Transitioning Youth (TY)
For high school students with disabilities, ensuring a smooth transition to the next stage of their lives requires careful planning, coordination and outcome-oriented goals.  A comprehensive plan should be developed during the teen years to realistically address their preferences and needs, helping to ensure a smooth transition from school to the next stage of their lives.  In order to best serve the person, considerations relating to employment, education, social, medical, and daily living skills should be the focus.  Both student and family involvement are essential as well as the collaboration of school personnel and community resources.

The Outcomes Service offers intensive supports to students moving from school to employment and post-secondary pursuits.  Services provided may include career assessment, job seeking skills, job placement and coaching, travel training and case management.  Work readiness behaviors and self-advocacy are also promoted.  Goals usually include competitive employment in the community, either full or part time.  Ideally, funding sources are coordinated to ensure that by the time these young adults leave school they are off to a quick and solid start as they enter adulthood.

Understanding that this time of transition is often difficult emotionally for the families, we make every effort to assist them to gradually ‘step back’ to encourage the young adults to take ownership of their future endeavors.  A comprehensive team approach is utilized to assure that multi-disciplinary services are integrated into the individually established goals.  Each individual works closely with an Outcomes Case Manager on a day-to-day basis with an emphasis on open communication.  The Outcomes Service is committed to providing quality services that will allow each young adult to reach their highest level of productivity and independence.