Educational Neuropsychological Evaluations

What Is A Neuropsychological Educational Evaluation?

A Neuropsychological Educational Evaluation is a complex assessment provided by a psychologist with specialized training. It is a comprehensive psychological evaluation, providing detailed assessment related to complex issues.

How Does a Psychologist Determine What Evaluation Is Right for My Child?

Psychoeducational Evaluation might be needed when there are:

  • Concerns with keeping up with peers in the classroom and remembering what they learned. Difficulties with reading, writing, or math.
  • Challenges staying focused or organized.
  • Conflicts around homework and dislike of school/school avoidance.

Neuropsychological Educational Evaluation might be needed when, in addition to the above, one or more of the following factors are present:

  • Complex medical history.
  • Early childhood delays.
  • Significant difficulties in interacting with others in their environments.
  • Multiple factors combined to impact life at home and school.