The Katherine Thomas Preschool (KTS Preschool) uses a developmental model in a comprehensive half-day afternoon program for four- and five-year-olds with complex and varied learning difficulties. Early intervention is critical to developmental growth, and our team of professionals works to create an individualized program to promote development and address differences for children. The preschool offers a small student-to-staff ratio.

Our preschoolers have differences in language, sensory regulation, motor tone/planning/sequencing, auditory/visual-spatial processing abilities, and all of which can interfere with a child’s ability to interact and communicate with peers and adults in their environment. Students strengthen foundational skills necessary for academic and social success through the support of our multidisciplinary team.

A child-appropriate for admission to the preschool must be four years of age, able to communicate wants and needs through verbal and nonverbal means, and behavior must be manageable for the staff ratio in the classroom setting.


The preschool curriculum is based on the DIR-FCD model which analyzes each child’s developmental levels and unique sensory processing profiles in order to individualize learning. Significant focus is placed on addressing foundational capacities for learning which targets expanding students’ abilities to share attention, maintain regulation, sustain shared engagement, and support problem-solving skills. Language, social-emotional, motor, and visual-spatial skills are targeted throughout the day. Multi-sensory lessons based on students’ interests make learning meaningful and motivating which supports generalization to functional life skills.

Teaching Methods

The staff creates an atmosphere in which the children feel comfortable and ready to interact and build positive relationships. Sensory experiences are provided to increase or decrease arousal, to increase experiences of positive affect in social interactions, and to facilitate child initiations during play sessions and small and large group routines. There is a focus on each child’s strengths, favored activities, materials, and interests in planning fun and meaningful activities and routines throughout the day.