At TLC, therapy is based on the unique needs of each child. Therapy is fun for the child and is skillfully managed by the therapist to ensure it is appropriate for the child and is set to the “just right challenge,” where the activity is not too difficult so that the child no longer wants to play but is not too easy so they lose interest quickly. It is this “just-right challenge” that ensures the child forms an adaptive response that will develop the functions in which the child is having problems.

Over the first several sessions, our clinicians work with your child to establish a rapport and develop a formal and individualized treatment plan that will include measurable goals. Parent input in this treatment planning process is critical. Progress reports are completed at regular intervals to document ongoing progress and continued areas of need. Frequency, length, and duration of therapy are determined by the clinical recommendations from an evaluation. Family education and home programming are an integral part of a child’s progress and the therapeutic process.

Therapy is coordinated with the other professionals participating in the child’s care. Services available within TLC include: hearing testing, speech-language therapy, counseling, psychological and educational testing, and tutoring. Referrals to other disciplines for additional services are made when appropriate.

Our Multisensory Environment (MSE) and two sensory-motor gyms offer a variety of rich, therapeutic experiences utilizing state-of-the-art suspended equipment and materials to motivate and engage the child in the therapeutic process. Therapy programs are designed to meet the individual needs of each child in order to maximize development and independent performance in daily living skills.

Occupational Therapy addresses the following areas:

  • Self-regulation

  • Sensory processing

  • Body awareness

  • Motor planning and development of fine and gross motor skills

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