Meet Our New Director

Dr. Melissa Smith, Director of TLC’s Testing and Tutoring Service

Dr. Melissa Smith is a clinical psychologist trained in individual, group and family therapy for children, adolescents and adults, as well as comprehensive psychological and psycho-educational evaluations. She joins us from Monument Academy Public Charter boarding school, where she developed the well-being program for the school. In this role, she oversaw a team of clinicians, a psychiatrist, and outside service providers in the delivery of well-being interventions for middle school youth in or at risk of being in foster care. She also developed universal and tertiary well-being programs, including mindfulness and yoga activities for youth, while also creating crisis intervention procedures for clinicians, teachers and other staff. In addition, she provided therapy and conducted assessments for children at the school.

Dr. Smith received her PhD from the Catholic University of America, with a concentration in Children, Families and Cultures. She has worked in multiple school and outpatient settings, including The Kennedy Krieger Institute; The University of Maryland Parent Consultation Clinic; Kimberly Brooks, PhD & Associates; The Milton Hershey School and the Washington Jesuit Academy, treating children with developmental disabilities as well as those exposed to traumatic life experiences.

In her new role, Dr. Smith hopes to bring new visibility to the Testing, Tutoring and Counseling Department, while also highlighting the amazing expertise of the individuals who work here. She’s looking forward to fulfilling TLC’s mission of improving lives and expanding possibilities for individuals with special needs and serving the community.