Getting Started

Procedures and Process

Testing, tutoring and counseling services are by appointment only.  Tutoring services are offered at TLC locations, at home or school, while testing and counseling are only available at TLC.

Parents are asked to come in for an initial intake interview, without their child present; adults who are being evaluated are also asked to come in for this initial intake interview.  The interview, which can take between one and one and a half hours, is a discussion of any current problems and concerns, the history of problems, and any specific questions that families would like to be addressed in the evaluation process.

We typically schedule two testing sessions with a licensed psychologist and one testing session with an educational diagnostician, with each testing session lasting between two and three hours. The total amount of time needed depends upon the problems being assessed and the person’s age.  All testing is conducted in a one-on-one situation, in which the evaluator strives to help the individual feel comfortable and relaxed such that their best performance is elicited. Approximately three to four weeks after the last day of testing, the psychologist will schedule a meeting with the parents/individual to provide a copy of the report, explain all results, discuss recommendations based upon the results, and to respond to any additional questions that may have come up.


Major credit cards and personal checks are accepted and a subsidy may be available for eligible families.  Payment is due at the time of the session unless prior arrangements have been made. Payment plans are available for some services. For more information, or to make an appointment, please contact us.


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