Adult Evaluations

If you are looking for child evaluations link here.

We also conduct customized adult evaluations including:

• Comprehensive Executive Functioning and ADHD Evaluation
• Targeted Math or Reading evaluations for college students
• Evaluations for college accommodations
• Disability (DDA) eligibility assessments

The Testing and Tutoring team conducts evaluations to provide useful information and recommendations for adults as they pursue their academic and occupational goals. Together we can plan an evaluation that addresses your needs and conveniently scheduled for you whether you are in school, working, or both.

Updated Evaluations to help plan for college admissions can be helpful for those who:

• Were diagnosed with learning or attention difficulties when they were younger, but do not have the paperwork or
• Need updated evaluations to receive the necessary accommodations.

Gaining information to request testing accommodations is often the goal of those who:

• Have struggled academically for years but have never been evaluated to better understand their difficulties and receive needed supports.

Seeking additional support once making the transition to college can be helpful when students:

• Have attempted a course or courses several times, but have not been able to complete them despite great effort.
• Once facing the greater demands of the college setting, find that they need more support to meet the challenges successfully.

Evaluations for understanding special needs during and after the transition to adulthood:

• Intellectual and Executive Functioning, Adaptive Behavior, Autism, and/ or Social-Emotional concerns can be evaluated to help an adult and family implement beneficial supports or identify occupational accommodations.
ADHD Specific Evaluation to determine if a diagnosis of ADHD is appropriate, and if so, what recommendations can be made to improve an individual’s functioning.
• DDA evaluations are completed to help advocate for community resources before or during the transition from high school, or once an individual reaches adulthood.

*Our customized evaluations for adults allow us to evaluate for specific concerns at reduced prices and offer a payment plan option to further help with the costs.