Tutoring and Organizational Coaching


Tutoring is for learners of all ages and can provide intervention, support or enrichment. We specialize in working with students from kindergarten through college with specific learning or developmental disabilities. However, our methods are helpful for many students who need support academically. All of our tutors have college degrees with many years of experience helping students grow academically. Clients work consistently with a tutor who has been carefully selected to meet the individual’s needs.  At TLC, tutors have the advantage of being able to consult and collaborate with other professionals as needed, including the Tutoring Supervisor, psychologists, speech-language pathologists, audiologists, and occupational therapists. Learn more about tutoring services.

Organizational Coaching

Organizational Coaching is a personalized service tailored to the particular needs of each individual, and is designed to help individuals deal more effectively with the demands of home, school, and extra-curricular activities.  The organizational coach can pinpoint specific areas of difficulty and help in developing an intervention plan. Organizational Coaching facilitates increased self-awareness and an understanding of obstacles to academic success, and focuses on identifying strategies to overcome these obstacles.  Children, teens and adults with ADHD symptoms or who have weak skills related to organization, time management, planning and completion of projects can benefit from coaching. Learn more about organizational coaching. 

Our programs encompass PreK-8 Academic, Adolescents and Adults and we also have an Organizational Coaching program. Our School Services include workshops and presentations for groups.