Why choose TLC for psychoeducational evaluations? We not only provide a comprehensive evaluation designed to help you better understand your child’s or your own needs, but we also provide you and the school with suggestions to help increase success and recommendations for services needed to help you or your child reach full  potential.  We focus on understanding the individual strengths and needs so we can create and implement strategies that will be most likely to help each person learn and make progress at school, at home and in life.

At TLC, comprehensive diagnostic evaluations are only half the story.  We appreciate the importance of not only diagnosing problems but also of offering solutions.  After an individual’s needs are identified, he or she may choose to participate in a number of other TLC services uniquely designed for individuals with learning difficulties, including counseling, tutoring, coaching,  speech-language therapy and occupational therapy.

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Dr. Melissa Smith
Director of TLC’s Testing and Tutoring Service