Danielle’s Story

It was a little thing that brought us to TLC. Danielle’s “s” sounds were still “th” sounds. When she was 5, 6, and 7, we thought it was adorable. At 8, we were concerned that she wasn’t outgrowing it. At 9, Danielle was noticing that she spoke differently than most other kids. We decided it was time for speech therapy. Danielle began weekly sessions with Emily, a speech-language pathologist at TLC. Danielle came out of her first session grinning ear to ear. Her connection with Emily was immediate. Danielle had homework and strategies that she could easily manage. Within a few months, Danielle had mastered the “s” sound and she was thrilled. One day I overheard a friend telling Danielle how good her “s” sounds were. Danielle was glowing. This year Danielle decided to run for a position on the student government which required a speech in front of the entire school. Then, I knew that our time at TLC had been invaluable.