Alex’s Story

Dear TLC Staff:

I wanted to write a letter of appreciation on behalf of our family and especially my son.  We heard nothing but wonderful things about TLC and the services they provide but unfortunately it did not fit into our budget.  Since our “son” is in the Foster Care System, we also could not use our insurance.  And then by some small miracle we were given a scholarship of 11 hours!  11 hours was like manna from heaven!

We have had other services for our son but none of them helped our son progress as quickly or showed the results that the TLC “teachers” did!  None of them could hold up to the enthusiasm our son had in going to play with his TLC teachers and friends.

From the moment we walked into the building and at each session we have felt welcomed, safe and most of all helped!  Our foster son needed help in both speech and OT/sensory.  He did so well in speech that they felt it would be beneficial for him to use the remaining time to focus on OT.  We have used every single minute helping him in all ways!  And the results are amazing!

Both the Speech teacher and his OT teacher have been gentle, kind and supportive of our son.  They encouraged him, knew where he needed the most help and even allowed him to work on socializing at the same time as learning (another big area of need for him!).  The teachers were thorough, knowledgeable and even gave advice and help in other areas of need for him.  Our son was comfortable and confident working with them.  He LOVED going to TLC and looked forward to his visits with his teachers and the friends he made.

As we come to the end of our 11 hours at TLC, we see how far our son has come.  We know that it is because of the work and teachers at TLC that he has grown so much.   We have highly recommend TLC to other parents who are looking for help for their own children.  We have bragged to others that our son has progressed so fast because of the help from TLC.  What a difference the gift of speech can do for a child and the joy of learning to control their bodies and regulate them.  What a difference it has made in our home!

We pray that others will be able to benefit from the gifts of these scholarships and donations as we did.  It has changed our lives!  Thank you for your support and service to our family!


Alex’s Mom