October is Free Speech-Language Screening Month!

What is the best way to learn and grow?

We all have goals and responsibilities every day. Our children also have daily goals and responsibilities – learning and growing. And what is the best way to learn and grow? For children, play and exploration are the most important ways for learning to interact with the world and people around them. Developing coordination, strength, social skills and confidence are important developmental milestones for our children. Sometimes these skills develop naturally. Other times children need help to successfully master these skills.

Does your child experience difficulty with any of the following:

  • Following directions
  • Pronouncing sounds or words correctly
  • Using correct grammar
  • Speaking too loudly or too quietly or with a hoarse or nasal voice
  • Frequently asking to have things repeated

Free Speech-Language  Screenings

Our pediatric speech-language pathologists specialize in observing and evaluating children’s development. Call for a FREE screening. Limited appointments are available. Contact Nina Herndon, 301.424.5200 x159 to make an appointment.