Evaluation is an integral part of the therapeutic process, as it provides the key to identifying each individual’s speech and language skills related to effective communication. We offer comprehensive speech-language fluency, articulation, augmentative and alternative communication (AAC), and feeding evaluations. Evaluation results, discussion and recommendations are documented in comprehensive reports.

Evaluation and therapy address the following areas:

Language Development Delays / Disorders including restricted vocabulary, difficulty following directions, slowness in answering, echoing what is said, short attention span, “forgetting words”, higher order thinking skills, abstract reasoning, memory deficits, phonological awareness, and talking less and in short phrases than children of the same age.

Social-Pragmatic Language Disorder including the inability to initiate and end conversations appropriately, difficulty maintaining a topic of conversation, problems with point of view and perspective-taking and poor social cue reading.

Articulation Disorders including phonological disorders, articulation delays resulting in reduced speech intelligibility and motor-speech disorders including apraxia and dysarthria.

Oral Motor and Feeding Disorders including difficulties with the mechanics of feeding, oral muscle tone or sensation and problems with planning, sequencing and executing coordinated movements.

Fluency Disorder including disruption of the rhythm of speech, repetitions, sound prolongations and secondary characteristics.



Augmentative-Alternative Communication

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