Robyn Davy M.A. BC-DMT


Robyn E. Davy’s past educational experience is unique in that she received a Master’s degree in both Dance Movement Therapy and in Counseling; therefore, she has developed both verbal counseling skills and Dance Movement Therapy skills, with a specialization in the field of Psychotherapy. She believes that movement can provide a great outlet for individuals to express their needs. Dance Movement Therapy (DMT) is a modality, which she believes, provides true corrective emotional experiences. Such therapy also provides the context of the human connection, demonstrating how relationships can be healing. Her experience has shed particular competency in working with children and adults with severe emotional disorders, anxiety/mood disorders, trauma, crisis prevention, attachment, and parent-child relational issues. Specifically, she has been trained extensively in using Dance Movement Therapy as an approach and modality for healing and alternative methods of expression. In working with children and adolescents in an alternative setting for over five years, she has developed a particular proficiency in facilitating group therapy augmented by dance movement therapy techniques and theory. As a therapist, her style is achieved by being playful and firm, challenging and nurturing, and ready to leap into the moment with her clients, joining their journeys. It is a goal of hers to always bring inner needs, thoughts, feelings, and impulses back to the body, thus balancing verbal with nonverbal methods. Robyn Davy, takes a whole centered approach to working with children of all ages, within their family systems.