31 & Done

31 & Done is the Employee Campaign for Raise the Roof.  Over the next 31 days employees will be giving the opportunity to invest in the Katherine Thomas School’s Raise the Roof Campaign.

Want to give via Payroll deduction?

Print out the form to fill out and return to HR. 

Want to give via Credit Card? 

Click the button below to give a reoccurring gift or one-time via credit card.    

What is Raise the Roof? The Katherine Thomas School is in great need of capital renovations and refurbishments. The 34-year old building needs improvements. Our permanent home needs your help. The Development team has been working on raising over $600,000 for critical building needs. We have asked our Board, Parents and Families, Community and Businesses to help. Now, we want to give our employees the opportunity to make an investment.

There are 3 easy ways to give: One time Cash and Check, Payroll Deduction or credit card (reoccurring or one-time). All gifts go a long way when we work together. If you have any questions call Teresa Witt, Director of Development at 301-424-5200 x155.