The Family Hearing Center at TLC

Patients trust in our integrity and expertise to provide them with solutions that meet their needs. We enrich the quality of their lives through better hearing and improved relationships with family and friends.

Patients repeatedly remark about the high quality and professionalism of our office.

What to expect at your visit:

When you arrive for your appointment, you will be greeted by the front office staff and asked to fill out the necessary forms. Your audiologist will review your personal information and will ask you some questions regarding your hearing concerns. Your hearing will then be assessed in a soundproof booth. The following procedures may be performed:

Otoscopy: Your Audiologist will look in your ears with an otoscope. This instrument is used to see the ear canal and the eardrum.
Puretone Audiometry: Earphones will be placed in or on your ears at which time you will hear a variety of tones to determine the exact point or threshold at which you can hear.
Speech Audiometry: You will be asked to repeat a series of one and two syllable words at different volumes to best determine your speech understanding.
Immittance Test: This test determines your middle ear function.
We will review and explain the results of the tests. The audiologists will give you recommendations based on your individual results and a follow-up report will be sent.

We can help you. Our goal is to identify hearing problems, provide appropriate amplification, and balance benefits and costs for each of our patients. An educated patient is our best patient. If a hearing aid is needed, it is only as good as the person who fits it, and our clinical approach to fitting a hearing aid is based on years of experience and current research.

Our approach has helped thousands of people over the years. Patients know that our audiologists are friendly, compassionate, and accessible and focused on fulfilling your hearing healthcare needs.

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Here are what Parents/Families say about The Family Hearing Center:

  • The benefits I receive from my hearing aids are priceless.
  • I often recommend Family Hearing Center to my friends and relatives.
  • The audiologist’s gentle nature and warmth put my mother and me at ease immediately.
  • The friendliness, kindness, and understanding for elderly woman with Alzheimer’s was appreciated.
  • I liked the willingness of staff to spend the time to answer questions.
  • What I liked most about my experience at The Family Hearing Center was the friendliness and professionalism of your staff. They treat you like a family.
  • Friendly, professional service; audiologist was excellent with my young daughter.
  • Staff were accessible and helpful in a timely fashion.