Tommy’s Story

The day Tom was diagnosed as autistic was a day I will never forget.  Tommy has received services from TLC for the past three years. Most recently, he began participating in TLC’s Interaction Group for toddlers with autism and related developmental disorders. Before he came to TLC, I worried he would never grow to love either me or my wife. Now, we think he does love us. And we never really saw him sleep so well or laugh or enjoy being with us as when he began the Interaction Group. This is what I thought would always be taken away from us – his childhood. I feared he would have to be programmed like a computer.   Until there is a cure for autism, children like my son need people to teach them to speak, to know what they should be looking at with their eyes, how to socialize, and many more things so basic I took them for granted before I tried to raise my son Tommy.   I hope you can appreciate my feelings of loss and how the therapists at TLC have recovered for me some part of my son which I thought would never be there.