Music, the Depressed Dyad and the Uplifting Circle

by Kaja Weeks, TLC Parent Educator
(Excerpt from PsychCentral) 

A Baby Adrift

When nine-month old Linda looked to her mother, she could not find her mother’s smile. Neither could she find her mother’s eyes, which were dull and cast downward, and thus she could not see her own emerging self in them. Linda was adrift.

The renowned British pediatrician and psychoanalyst’s Donald Winnicott’s adage, “There is no such thing as a baby” (1960) (read: there is no such thing as a baby without its mother or without the relationship with its mother) is never more poignant than when a mother’s depression is conveyed to and internalized by her baby.

How a circle of music-making mothers and infants broke into and transformed that cycle is as much about music as it is about the transmission of affect.

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