What does DIR® mean?

DIR® refers to a treatment approach that is Developmental in nature, requires an analysis of Individual differences, and focuses on the Relationship (emotional engagement) as key to helping children improve thinking and communication skills, through language and gestures/movement.

Why is the staff to child ratio so high?

Children with developmental challenges have not mastered the foundational skills of attention, engagement, communication, motor planning, and problem solving, and our high staff to child ratio allows us to strengthen these skills. We can also help the child develop in all areas of need, and support and facilitate peer interactions when the children are ready for this.

What is the structure in the group?

A structured program is implemented each day, for example a child will rotate through individual and small group sessions to focus on specific areas of concern. Although this group does not always look like a traditional preschool program, children go through specific routines over the course of the morning. The children participate in a variety of activities (language based, visual spatial, sensory-motor, Floortime) with various staff which are designed to the needs of your child. In addition, we offer parent groups to help the parents of children participating in the group better understand their child and the DIR model, as well as parent coaching.

How do I know if this program is right for my child?

You and your child will be asked to come in for a play visit to ensure that your needs are able to be addressed in our program. You are welcome to visit the group to meet one of the staff and observe staff interacting with children. These experiences are designed to help you feel comfortable that this program is going to help your child develop initiative, intent and communication in order to function more successfully at home and within a school setting.

For more information, or to make an appointment, please contact us.