Parents are crucial to their child’s development and progress, and parent involvement is a central component of the Interaction Groups Program.  Staff meet with parents individually when their child is first joining the program to gain as much information as possible about their child and his or her history.

During the course of the child’s participation in the group, we offer bi-weekly parent groups during which we help parents better understand the DIR®/Floortime™ model philosophy and terminology, discuss relevant topics, and problem solve how to help progress generalize to the home environment. Parents often find much needed support through these groups, not only from the staff, but from the wisdom and support of the other parents who face similar challenges with their child.  We also invite parents into a DIR®/Floortime™ session to provide direct coaching in terms of how to best encourage interaction and communication with their child. We meet with parents towards the beginning of each session to review goals that will be focused on during the program, and at the end of each session to discuss their child’s progress towards the goals that were set.

We also have a parent resource library onsite with many educational and informational materials available for our clients and their families to borrow.  A variety of topics are represented within this collection, and parents are welcome to read through the materials while their child is participating in the group.  Please also visit our online Resources section for more information, see getting started or contact us.