Autism Related Services

TLC provides a wide range of services for individuals with autism spectrum disorders to support their unique needs throughout their lives:

  • Diagnosing autism early is critical, which is why we’ve developed a comprehensive autism evaluation for children as young as age 2.
  • Early intervention is critical for children with autism. Our therapeutic interaction groups for preschool age children with communication disorders utilize a developmental approach to help children interact and communicate more effectively.
  • Speech-Language Therapy and Occupational Therapy are offered in individual and group sessions for children with autism.
  • Our tutors specialize in working with students of all ages that have been diagnosed with a specific learning disability, including autism.
  • The Katherine Thomas School serves students with mild to moderate autism and/or language and learning disabilities in preschool through 12th grade.
  • The Outcomes Service provides employment support and independent living skill services for adults with disabilities, including autism.