Mariah’s Story

When Mariah was in kindergarten, she was diagnosed with ADHD. We tried some medicines for a couple of years, but nothing seemed to work. After some time, the school she attended figured out that she was dyslexic, not ADHD. I did not know much about dyslexia myself so I started to look up some places online and I found TLC. I called them and spoke to (Tutoring Director) Janice Jones and she said that she would love to help. I was so excited but I was not sure how we would be able to afford it. When I told Mrs. Jones of my dilemma, she told me TLC could possibly help with a grant if we qualified…and we did.  Soon after that Mariah started with Mrs. Jones, and it has been amazing to see how much she has improved. I just want to say THANK YOU so much to all that have donated to this great organization. I am not sure if you all have realized how much you have helped and changed my daughter’s life and the lives of other children. You are all amazing. Thank you!