What kind of tutoring does TLC offer?

Our tutors work with learners of all ages and abilities. We specialize in individualized one-on-one tutoring for students with learning differences or those diagnosed with a specific learning disability, expertise which is a value-added benefit for all students.  Tutors work with students in their area of difficulty, for example, reading, mathematics, study skills, or written composition.

What kind of background do TLC tutors have?

Our tutors are required to have a minimum of a Bachelors degree; many have a Masters. They all have teaching and tutoring experience as well as training and experience in working with children with learning disabilities. All tutors at TLC receive tutor training courses and/or other professional development courses to prepare them to best serve client needs.

How long will a student need tutoring?

The duration of tutoring programs varies greatly with the student and the area of difficulty. We have many students who continue for several years with the same tutor, adjusting their goals as their skills improve. Other students come for a boost in a specific area and are at TLC for a shorter period of time. Our tutors give individualized advice based on their work with each student and usually design teaching goals to last a semester (four to five months) at a time. However, it is up to the student and parents to decide how long to continue.

What is Coaching?

The coach and client establish specific goals and objectives. Sessions are solution- and action-oriented, and focus on developing strategies for success. Coaches provide support, encouragement and structure with an emphasis on accountability throughout the process. The frequency and length of sessions are decided jointly by the coach and client, based on the client’s needs. Appointments may occur in person, via phone, or a combination of these as determined by the coach and client.