PreK-8 Academic

Elementary School

For elementary school students, we work on basic reading, writing, or math skills.  If the area of difficulty is decoding, or phonetic knowledge, we have tutors who are trained in research-based phonetic reading programs, such as the Orton-Gillingham method or Wilson Reading System.  These programs use a structured step-by-step method to teach decoding, fluency, and spelling.  We also work with children who are having difficulty with reading comprehension, teaching specific strategies to help children understand and remember what they read. Often, reading comprehension is combined with writing skills as schools require students to write sentences or paragraphs about what they have read.  Writing can be a complicated process as students need to remember letter formation, spelling, word order and their own thoughts about the topic.  We help them break the process down into small steps to improve their confidence.

For math, we review or re-teach the basics, explaining the processes in a way that addresses the student’s learning style, or break it down into smaller steps to increase a student’s confidence.

Middle School

Middle school students sometimes have many of the same needs as elementary students—just at a higher level.  Therefore, we use many of the same methods and strategies. For middle school students we often work with the student’s homework to teach strategies and to help the tutor see where the areas of difficulty are.  In other words, we use the school work to help diagnose the area of need, teach the student a strategy to help in that area, and then show the student how to apply that strategy to his or her other school work.  We also teach organization/study skills at this level to help students understand their learning style and apply organizational strategies that will help them the most. The focus on organizational skills is especially helpful for students with ADD, ADHD, or Executive Dysfunction.

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